How to Maintain Your Weight Loss over Christmas

Overcome Temptations this Festive Season and Remain Slim

In the last few months you managed to achieve your target weight. You have a body to die for. You feel confident. You are happy. You do not worry about weight related illnesses.

But now the festive season is in full gear and Chrsitmas is around the corner. You are attending a round of Christmas parties and foods you can’t resist are on offer. It may seem that the party atmosphere demands that you suspend healthy eating and indulge. After all, Christmas comes only once a year.

The hectic schedule of shopping and preparation for one party or another may also mean that you have no time for regular exercises at the gym or your high powered walks. The result is weight gain.

Fortunately, weight gain during the holiday season is not inevitable to the determined person. You can enjoy festivities without risking your health by following simple modifications to your lifestyle to suit the holiday period in addition to your permanent lifestyle choices for health.

Be Motivated and do Regular Exercises

Never lose sight of your weight goals. That way you will be motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle irrespetive of whatever treats are on offer. Do not suspend your regular exercise routine.

Surely you can spare half an hour three times a day to do that power walk or whatever it is you do to keep yourself in shape and burn off calories. If you are too busy to do a thirty minute stretch on one go you can do your exercises in bite sized chunks of ten to fifteenminute sessions.

To help you stay motivated plan how to maintain your weight over the holiday season. Write the plan down and stick to it but do not seek perfection.

Bear in mind that it takes 500 extra calories every day for seven days to gain a pound in a week. Small and occasional indulgences should not matter as long as you take remedial actions over days and weeks to cancel them out.

On the other hand, if you overstep too much the realistic boundaries you set for yourself you might get de-motivated and revert to the old ways over the festive period. Coming back from the brink won’t be easy.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

To maintain a healthy lifestyle requires the same discipline that you applied to lose weight in the first place and a new approach to party food. Eat a fruit or vegetable snack before you leave for the party.

That way you can resist calorie laden unhealthy party treats altogether, or just take a bite to suppress any cravings. Indulge your sweet tooth without stuffing yourself with empty calories. Don’t deny your cravings but always stay in control.

Don’t skip meals. Eating regularly will keep your metabolism going and helps you resist overeating in your next meal. Eat to live even at parties. Choose healthy food.

Don’t suspend portion control simply because the festive season is in full swing. A small plate is a wise choice but don’t pile it mountain high with unhealthy treats. Another good idea to consider is a work out before you leave for the party.

Make sure you drink plenty of water. Water is an appetite suppressant.

Healthy Cooking at Christmas and New Year

You need not gain weight on Christmas Day or New Year. If you are the one cooking your Christmas dinner or preparing the New Year meal, stick to healthy cooking without compromising taste. Choose lean meat over fat laden varieties.

Look at Yourself

Keep checking your reflection in the mirror and your clothing size. Are your jeans getting tighter? Continue to monitor your weight and your waistline. Take appropriate action when necessary.